Poker can sometimes make players become addicted so they will experience psychological, financial, work and even family problems. Poker games using bets of real money sometimes make someone addicted and it's hard to quit the addiction. In this problem there are several solutions to overcome the addiction to playing poker, including:

1. Be honest with your condition.
Honesty is the first step in overcoming a problem. If you already recognize your own problem, you can introspect yourself and then arrange your next steps to improve yourself.
Some signs and symptoms in poker addiction behavior include: feeling happy at the risk of betting, continuing to increase the value of the bet, forgetting time, imagining the moment of victory, channeling feelings through playing poker, feeling guilty when playing gambling, always failing in an effort to stop playing gambling.
Social problems because playing poker will also usually affect time spent at work, time with family, often lying and covering up his activities in gambling, trying to borrow money to be able to play poker, selling goods for playing capital.

2. Accept the consequences for playing gambling.
Betting on poker games uses a certain amount of money and can cause social problems, including: financial problems, relationship problems with relatives, relatives or spouses, legal issues, problems with work, use of drugs and psychological problems.

Do you use work time to play gambling? Do you use some money to play poker betting? Using a credit card to play poker? Keep financial secrets because you used to play poker?
Make notes about the consequences you will get for spending some money playing poker online . Mention also the people who will be affected by the use of money being played to play poker.

3. Know the risks of playing poker.
Poker games that use real money will usually have an impact on yourself, whether it's victory or defeat in playing all will continue to have an impact on yourself.

Playing poker excessively will affect your psychology, such as anxiety, depression, aggression, relationship stretching, headaches and other illnesses caused by stress.
Poker players who are already addicted will usually cause high levels of stress and have a risk with his health.
Addictions to playing poker can also influence decision making in your daily life.

4. Be honest with your gambling activities.
Don't keep your gambling activities a secret, be honest with all your pokerQq game activities to yourself and others about the money you have spent in the game.
Make several bills in advance to avoid being in debt
Total all the losses that you get because of poker. By looking at the amount you have spent playing poker, you try to note what items you can get with that money.

5. Change your mindset.
Habits in negative thinking, for example irrational beliefs, illusion control, and blunders can increase the desire to gamble poker. Divert your mind from these thoughts by multiplying your activities.

6. Control your desire to play.
To be able to control your mind not to play poker constantly you can use music or movies to divert it. By listening to music, the mood will be calmer so that you will also be easier to release your fatigue compared to playing poker continuously.

7. Find friends who can help you.
If you feel you are already too stressed out because of your addiction to playing poker, you should find a friend who you can share about your addiction so that your friend can help you suggest some positive things for you. Help from friends or people closest to you will also be very useful for you so that you can recover PokerQq from your addictions faster.

8. Join a certain community.
Sometimes there are some groups that are deliberately created to overcome the addiction to gambling, especially for poker games, it never hurts for you to join the group so that you can get well from your addiction.

These are our tips for dealing with your addiction problem in poker. Hopefully these tips can help those of you who are addicted to playing poker. If you like playing poker, you should be able to divide your time well to play and socialize with others so that you will not be addicted to the weight.